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All the Facts You Should Know about Making a Claim for a Beauty Treatment Injury

Whenever we visit a spa or salon for a beauty treatment, we always expect good service – and we expect good results as well. In most instances, this is precisely what we get. But there may have been a particular time when you went to a spa or salon and ended up with an injury – and this is when demanding compensation may be in your best interest. If someone inexperienced, incompetent, or negligent carried out your beauty treatment and it has resulted in an injury, you could definitely make a claim for compensation. But your compensation can be affected by the severity of your beauty injury, the kind of treatment you have had, and so on. So what should you learn about claiming for a beauty injury? Here are all the facts you should know about claiming for an injury due to a beauty treatment gone wrong.

The basic facts

Owners and managers of salons and spas are legally required to operate their establishment in a way that protects all their clients. This is covered under the Health and Safety at Work Act of 1974 (Section 3). There is another piece of legislation they should follow as well, which is covered under the Sales of Goods and Services Act of 1982. This act says that those who supply services and goods are providing their customers with a special service, and this immediately enters them into a unique contract that can protect the customer from prospective injury and damages.

The most common injuries

There are a variety of injuries that can occur at a beauty establishment or salon, and the injury could happen during treatment or as a side effect that you don’t notice until later. And while there are many kinds of injuries you can get from a spa or salon, some of the most common injuries include cosmetic problems/issues, cuts, bruising, infections to the eye, tattoos that are incorrectly or poorly drawn, hair loss, facial scars, allergic reactions, burns, scarring, and skin discolouration.

The severity of your injury and your compensation

The severity of your beauty injury will often determine the amount of compensation you may receive, and beauty claims need to be established as the fault of the other party so you can have a successful claim. One thing you can do to move your claim forward is to consult a medical professional right away. The doctor can examine your injury and treat it, and they can make a record of your injury and your condition as well as your prognosis for the future.

You can also claim compensation for the emotional harm and impact your injury has had on you, and many individuals suffer from serious psychological trauma due to their beauty injury. This is especially true for people who have had severe burns, scarring, and disfigurement. If you need counselling for such injuries, this can be part of your claim for compensation as well.

Helping your claim

As already mentioned, you should visit a medical professional, so they can make a record of your injury. But to further your claim, you should keep all the receipts of your treatments and keep a record of other expenses (such as transport expenses). You can also take photos of your injury and, if possible, the site or place of the accident as well.

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