Facing DUI First Degree Manslaughter and Vehicular Homicide Charges: How Your Attorney Can Help

If you are facing a DUI charge, you need one of the best Rochester MN attorneys to help protect your rights. This is even more important if your charge is paired with a vehicular homicide or manslaughter charge. Your attorney will fight hard to ensure you are protected while you navigate the justice system and achieve a positive outcome from your case. They will work to reduce your charges or dismiss them altogether. 

DUI First-Degree Manslaughter 

A DUI first-degree manslaughter charge occurs when there is a reasonable belief that you took alcohol or drugs before you drove your car and caused an accident that killed a person. You may face an initial DUI first-degree manslaughter charge, which is a felony. However, your charges may be elevated to vehicular homicide, which is a more serious felony. This can happen when the prosecutor thinks the evidence speaks strongly against you or because of your criminal driving history. Thus, you need to work with the best criminal defense lawyer from the get-go. Your lawyer may negotiate with the prosecutor in terms of how you should be charged. A DUI first-degree manslaughter conviction can result in you permanently losing your driver’s license privileges, spending up to 15 years in jail, paying thousands of dollars in fines, and other legal consequences. The best lawyer will help you avoid facing these serious consequences. 

DUI First Degree Vehicular Homicide

This serious felony could have you facing even more serious consequences than you would have when convicted of DUI first degree manslaughter. Your attorney may try to plea this charge to first-degree manslaughter or a second-degree manslaughter charge, depending on your criminal record. 

Whether you are faced with a felony or misdemeanor vehicular homicide charge, you must hire an attorney as soon as possible due to the severity of these charges. Ensure you contact a lawyer who has years of experience dealing with cases that involve vehicular homicide because they can give you an aggressive defense. 

A great criminal defense attorney can use several defenses to defend your case. If you are facing a DUI, the charge must be proven beyond a reasonable doubt. Without sufficient evidence to show that you were guilty of a DUI, you cannot be guilty of first-degree manslaughter or vehicular homicide. 

Moreover, your attorney may also use a lack of causation as a defense. A causal connection between your violation of a statute and the death of the victim must be established. Thus, the plaintiff must show that your conduct caused the victim’s death. 

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